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Our full range of specialty eye care.

Specialty Care Services

Myopia Management
In order to slow down developing myopia (nearsightness) in children, we prescribe ortho-keratology contact lenses as well as MiSight contact lenses as part of our comprehensive myopia care for kids.
Vision Therapy
In order to help achieve clear, comfortable binocular vision in children and adults, we provide vision therapy to address vision problems not corrected by eyeglasses, contact lenses and/or surgery alone.
Specialty Contact Lenses
We prescribe a spectrum of specialty contacts to provide optimal vision including: multifocal, scleral, rigid gas permeable, ortho keratology, and contacts for keratoconus.
Pediatric Eye Care
We love kids. We offer comprehensive eye care starting with infants up through teenagers. Clear and comfortable vision along with healthy eyes can enhance learning and development.
Glaucoma Care
Our glaucoma care prioritizes early detection and utilizes advanced technology coupled with targeted treatment and ongoing personalized care in order to help preserve vision.
Low Vision Services
To make every day easier for people with visual impairments we offer low vision services: including magnifiers, bioptic telescopes, reading machines, and software that magnify and enlarge text. Intelligent products enable an active life.
Cataracts Surgery Comanagement
From diagnosis through post-operative care, our cataract surgery co-management allows our patients access to the best surgeons and the best surgical outcomes, while maintaining the comfort they feel with their primary care eye doctors.
LASIK Comanagement
LASIK co-management helps our patients determine whether LASIK surgery is a good fit for them based on their eyes, prescription and lifestyle.  When appropriate, we refer to a leading LASIK surgeon, and then provide our patients their follow-up care after the surgery is complete.
Urgent Care Hotline
For our existing patients with eye injuries or other urgent ocular needs, we provide 24-hour urgent care, including an after-hours hotline to contact our doctor on call.
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About us

For the past century, we have served Richmond’s families.

We enjoy bringing our patients the specialty care they need, all under one roof. You will benefit from our full range of primary care and specialty eye care services and products. Let us help maximize your vision.